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Tech Genie is Ghana’s most dependable website for Tech News, Tech Guides, Latest Updates about Mobile Apps, Phones, Data Bundle Deals and More.

This technology blog is operated by a group of tech and non-tech people who have come together to ensure building of online space for Tech Enthusiasts and also to increase the level of Tech consciousness in Ghana (with Africa in mind) by publishing confirmed tech information, real time reports, breaking news and opinions and posts.

With its roots in 2019 as “questions and answers” group, before eventually transitioning into a technology website in 2020, the site serves not only tech fans, but also for the general Ghanaian people and for anybody interested in technology, in and out of Ghana.

Along with Tech News, we also produce quality tech-focused content targeted in the everyday Ghanaian life. When readers visits Techgenie.xyz, their questions are answered by our well-written articles that are to the point, quite applicable and germane to technologies in and outside Ghana.

We continually concentrate on delivering valuable content into the Ghanaian Community in and outside Ghana, in addition to telling Ghana’s tech stories to the outside world.

If you generally love tech, would like to learn about the newest trends in social networking, gadgets, artificial intelligence, telcos and technological improvements in Ghana or technology companies and startups in Ghana, you will feel right at home .

Here, you’ll gain new insight, occasionally opinionated, but very relevant to the Ghanaian Tech Space. Searching for tips and tricks in addition to answers to your tech questions? Our forums are a fantastic place to start from. Through the years, we’ve assembled an encouraging community of normal individuals that are taking interest in technology rather than seeing it as a far-fetched field.

It’s no surprise that we’re one of Ghana’s fastest growing Tech blog, and we will continue to grow.

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