How To Backup All Your WhatsApp Messages To Google Drive

WhatsApp backup is one of the most essential things every WhatsApp users will need to do. But why is that ? Let us keep this question, for the time being, we talk about it later.

Due to unforeseen conditions, such as loosing of mobiles, mobile telephone defects, and other people, it’s always ideal to have a backup.

A backup is a copy of the information on a computer or device so that it might be used to restore the first after a data loss event.

So essentially, a WhatsApp backup is a copy of your WhatsApp data which is used to revive your WhatsApp once you lose your information or cell phone.

These include messages, media, and some WhatsApp configurations which were used on the last device. Now, you know the response to this question I asked in the introduction; Why is Backup significant?

Similar to iPhone users that can back up their WhatsApp information to iCloud, Android apparatus also can backup their WhatsApp into Google Drive. Because of this, you always a copy of your WhatsApp information in your Google Drive account.

Google Play service is a program that’s used to update Google programs and programs from Google Play Store.
Additionally, you need enough space on your device to make the backup.
Finally, you want a robust and secure internet connection.

How To Backup Your WhatsApp Messages To Google Drive

Two main ways can be followed to backup your WhatsApp messages to Google Drive:

Automatic backup of  all your messages to Google Drive.
Manual backup of all your messages into Google Drive.

How To Backup Your WhatsApp Messages To Google Drive


In this guide, I’ve shown you the way you can easily backup your WhatsApp messages into Google Drive.

As soon as you follow the actions listed carefully, you’ll have the ability to do that. Butif you run across any challenge don’t hesitate to write it in the comments section below and I shall attend to you as soon as possible.

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