WhatsApp blocking

Do you know what happens when you Record And Block somebody on WhatsApp?

In this report, you’re going to discover all that occurs when you block and report somebody on WhatsApp.

Because WhatsApp is among the most used social networking platforms, the majority of the spammers use it to their benefit. This was the reason Whatsapp introduced the’Report And Block’ attribute about five (5) years past.

Since the introduction of this feature, most WhatsApp accounts are suspended and others also have been banned. But what exactly will result in an account to be banned?

Before an account is going to be banned/suspended, it ought to violate WhatsApp’s terms and policies, otherwise, the account can’t be banned.

A few of them include engaging in fraudulent activities, sharing pornographic contents, and sending risks to some WhatsApp user.

Follow The Steps Below to Report And Block Someone

  • Tap on the person you want to’Report And Block’ to start a chat.
  • On top of the screen, tap the name of the person.
  • Tap on Report And Block
  • A confirmation will be sent saying that a report was sent and the contact was blocked.
  • As soon as you report and block somebody on WhatsApp, mechanically your last seen will no longer be visible to the person you blocked. Thus, the person won’t be able to tell if you’re online right now or not.

Your WhatsApp status will be concealed from the documented contact

Very similar to the last seen getting hidden, the person who you blocked will also be unable to see your own WhatsApp status. The WhatsApp status is comparable to Instagram and Facebook stories.

This is where you discuss text or media with your contacts and is visible to just your contacts by default. But, you could also change this in your WhatsApp settings.

Your profile photograph Won’t be visible to the contact

Once you report and block somebody on WhatsApp, your profile photograph will no longer be visible to him/her. The profile photo will end up blank for the contact.

Calls and messages in the reported contact Won’t be delivered

This is one of the clearest things that happens when you block and report somebody on WhatsApp. All calls in the contact won’t be delivered, it will only ring but it won’t be delivered to you.

Also, messages delivered by the contact won’t be delivered. It will tick on once on the individual’s phone but it won’t be delivered to you.

Group chats will remain untouched

If you’re in the same group with the person you blocked and reported, all messages delivered by him/her in the group will be sent to you. Calls made by the group between him will be observable and delivered to you.

Finally, as soon as you report someone, WhatsApp will carry out an internal investigation of this report. This is largely done by monitoring the individual’s chats to discover if they’ve violated any of WhatsApp’s policies and terms.


I believe you understand what happens when you report and block somebody on WhatsApp. These aren’t all the things which occur, but these are the most significant things that happen.

I hope this article was useful.

Additionally, be certain you discuss this article with your friends and family members.

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